Lebanon’s BRIC applies tech solutions to clearing landmines

The Israeli No 4 landmine has a peculiar design – approach it the right way, and it can be easily neutralized and destroyed. Approach it the wrong way, and things could go terribly wrong, very quickly.

A de-miner is on Lebanon’s infamous Blue Line, working carefully and purposefully, to detect and clear a line of landmines, which are indicated on a map. Set precisely at a meter apart, the landmines are an imposing barrier.

They were placed there many years ago, so some have sunk deep, some have risen to be partially exposed, and some have been covered entirely by the natural shifting of the land.

Slowly and carefully, you are excavating the soil toward it, when – disaster. The mine explodes. Something went wrong, terribly wrong.

Normally a tragic event, but on this day no-one is hurt – the entire exercise was carried out in a temperature-controlled, indoor virtual-reality environment, designed by the Beirut Research and Innovation Center (BRIC).

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Source: Asia Times