Canadian Technology Systems

Canadian Technology Systems (CTS) is a Canadian manufacturer of de-mining equipment and leader in EOD/IEDD disrupter technology.

We are committed to bringing innovation to the field by using a scientific approach to create and produce the most advanced, safe and reliable equipment. CTS listens to End Users from around the world in order to deliver tools that offer many benefits without compromise.

In 2023, CTS disrupters are trusted by First Responders in over 40 countries and the company maintains a robust network of agents, partners, and technicians ready to meet their needs.

Our Products

Peregrine EOD Drone

The Peregrine is a load bearing drone that has been specifically designed as a platform to carry and operate the Lance Disrupter System.

With advanced flight control systems and computer vision, it is easy to operate and maintains the high precision targeting on which the Lance Disrupter has built its reputation. The Peregrine uses object tracking and will automatically keep a lock on the target. Eight motors in a coaxial set-up allow the drone to remain airworthy in case of a single motor failure.

  • AI Object Tracking & Aim Lock
  • Precise to 1cm over 5m Distance
  • 135° Vertical Firing Angle, 90° Down, 45° Up
  • Collision Avoidance Lidar, Laser Range Finder
  • One Touch Liftoff and Landing, Precision Hovering
  • Under 25KG ready to fly and 60cm x 60cm x 60cm Storage Dimensions

Lance Disrupter

The CTS Lance Disrupter combines many superior features into one system that empowers first responders in their most difficult missions. We aimed to make a highly practical tool that allows EOD technicians to truly focus on their target and minimize distractions during deployment.

Notable features include:

  • High precision long range water shots
  • Recoil absorption without counter-shot
  • Tool-free deployment, field serviceable
  • Integrated on most EOD robots
  • De-Armer and specialized projectiles
  • Eliminates the need for multiple disrupters



For more information visit or contact us at +1 514 630 0700.