aunav by everis ADS

aunav is a brand of everis Aerospace, Defense and Security specialized in the design, development, production and delivery of remote control robots for explosive, CBRN and hazards disposal.

For these robots that help save lives, aunav adapts its technology to the specific Security and Defense needs of their national and international clients.

aunav robots stand out for their combination of strength, power, precision and dexterity, attributes that make them suitable for their application in police and military operations for deactivation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), conventional munitions (EOD) or CBRN activities, among others, turning the line of aunav robots into the most innovative and advanced solution in the market.

aunav product line started working more than 15 years ago designing and producing robots to defuse explosives remotely together with the Spanish General Directorate of Police and the TEDAX corps (Specialized Technicians to Defuse Explosive Devices). Thanks to the recognition received as the manufacturers of the TEDAX robots, one of the best considered corps internationally, aunav has increased the number of clients who currently use the robots in more than 16 reference countries, with 200 units in the market.

Within the wide range of products, the aunav.NEXT stands out for being the most advanced robot in the market. It has two synchronized arms capable of lifting up to 250 kg, with the possibility of pre-programming movements, and with a dual wheel/track traction system. Another of the outstanding products is the aunav.EOD, developed in collaboration with the National Police Corps and the TEDAX units. It’s a robust, medium-sized platform that stands out for its strength, precision and lifting capacity.


The other strong point of the aunav offer is the robotics arms, such as the aunav.CID and the aunav.CID LIGHT, designed to be integrated into military vehicles and support exploration, detection and deactivation of explosives. These types of solutions have already been implemented in the Regiment of Engineers of the Spanish Army, in addition to having been used successfully in explosive deactivation tasks in such demanding scenarios as Iraq.

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