Scanna MSC

Scanna is an x-ray company that does things differently. We are proud to present the new normal for portable x-ray systems. Compact, rugged, fast to deploy with minimal setup and internally protected against adverse weather conditions, impact and drops.

We’ve listened to our customers, and it’s clear they don’t want lots of cables, connections and accessories. They simply want a system they can deploy quickly, reliably on the spot, which produces high-quality x-ray images of the full range of C-EO tasks from suspect packages to munitions inspection and vehicle checks.

With the Scansilc range, we have created a family of lightweight, ruggedised, mission ready x-ray systems. In a range of sizes, it is comprising of only three components for rapid deployment in all types of terrain and environments.

Scansilc systems are compatible with both pulsed or constant potential generators depending on the nature of the task required.

With industry-leading 76-micron resolution and robust, ruggedised unibody design, we promise equipment reliability, image quality and user confidence across the full range of C-EO tasks.


Scanna – imaging and performance – without compromise