Autumn 2019 edition of the Counter-IED Report is now available. Please subscribe to receive a copy. Winter 2019/20 edition to be published in January 2020.


Counter-IED Report editorial team would like to invite government bodies, army personnel, researchers, academics, industry experts to contribute their articles, case studies, research papers and opinion pieces.

We are looking for theoretical and practice-based non-promotional editorial contributions. If you have an interest in any of the areas listed below we would encourage you to make a submission*:

  • Post conflict Counter-IED and EOD Training, skills and capability development
  • IEDs and HME proliferation / countering emerging threats
  • Vehicle borne IEDs (VBIEDs)
  • IEDs and suicide bombings
  • Guided Aerial IEDs
  • Social Media monitoring and analysis
  • Explosives detection technologies / X-ray systems / Training and simulation
  • Stand-off and suicide bomber detection systems
  • Advances in Laser explosives detection technologies
  • Intelligence fusion / Countering IED networks threat
  • CNI and Perimeter protection solutions
  • Humanitarian demining / advanced Countermine, UXO, ERW solutions
  • EOD/IEDD Robotic systems / training and simulation
  • UAV / future persistent stare surveillance systems
  • Latest advances in UGV/UUV/ROV EOD/IEDD systems
  • Mounted IEDD solutions / Route clearance
  • GPR detection solutions / advances in non-metallic threats detection
  • Underwater UXO / EOD / CIED solutions / training and simulation
  • “Surface-floating” maritime improvised explosive devices (SF/MIEDs)
  • Tactical IEDD solutions / training and simulation
  • ECM / RCIED Jammers / training and simulation
  • Blast mitigation / advanced armour solutions / personal protection clothing and materials
  • Forensics and exploitation.

We welcome suggestions for possible topics and authors.

We will consider to accept for publication only original work that has not been previously published.

*Fees apply for publication of articles submitted by commercial and for-profit organisations. All articles are subject to editor’s approval.

Winter 2019/20 edition deadlines:

Abstract submission:  21 November 2019
Full article submission deadline:  23 December 2019 

Spring/Summer 2020 edition deadlines:

Abstract submission:  25 February 2020
Full article submission deadline:  6 April 2020

Autumn 2020 edition deadlines:

Abstract submission:  22 June 2020
Full article submission deadline:  September 2020 

Enquiries, abstracts and articles should be submitted by email to: editorial@deltabusinessmedia.com

Download editorial submission guidelines: Editorial submission guidelines – Counter-IED Report