Derry bomb and Strabane mortar signs of ‘changing types of engineering capability’

PSNI Chief Constable Simon Byrne has confirmed the ‘New IRA’ bomb discovered in Creggan this week was not the sole target of the operation that saw the deployment of 80 police officers to the estate on Monday.

Chief Constable Byrne said it was possible other bomb-making equipment and devices were still being concealed in the area.

Speaking in the Strand Road barracks on one of his first visits to Derry in his role as the new PSNI boss, he said: “We made an assessment and launched a policing operation to deploy extra resources into the Creggan looking for explosives and weapons.”

He added: “There could always be more devices, that’s the unknown question isn’t it.”

Mr. Byrne refused to be drawn on the provenance of the commercial explosives contained in the bomb discovered in Creggan Heights on Monday night.

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Source: Derry Journal