UK: Couple who found Second World War mustard gas canisters to be jailed for possessing a chemical weapon

A married couple who dumped Mustard Gas canisters from the Second World War in a lake have been sentenced for possessing a chemical weapon in what is thought to be the first such prosecution in the UK.

Military enthusiast Martyn Tasker, 40, from Lincoln, was jailed for five years after 150 abandoned canisters were discovered at a former RAF based used in the Second World War – as well as a separate charged of possessing two Bren machine guns.

His wife Michaela Tasker, 32, and friend Stuart Holmes, 51, from Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire, were spared jail for their part in helping to dispose of the canisters after receiving suspended sentences at Nottingham Crown Court today.

They were arrested after the Martyn sought medical help for arm blisters and a difficulty in breathing following their find at the former military base Roughton Woods near Woodhall Spa in October 2017.

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Source: MailOnline