UK: Chancellor confirms funding for ‘historic’ new counter-terror operations centre

As expected, Chancellor Rishi Sunak committed to a multi-million pound package in his Spending Review to fund the new London-based centre.

And Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said it will significantly improve their ability to “protect the UK and its citizens”.

Mr Sunak said the delivery of a world-leading new Counter-Terrorism Operations Centre (CTOC) will bring the UK intelligence community, counter-terrorism policing and other parts of the criminal justice system together into one location, adding: “This new, fully-integrated approach will keep the public safer from terrorism by enhancing the ability to discover and prevent attacks, improve the speed of response and work together more efficiently.”

The development of the CTOC was born out of a series of terrorist attacks in 2017, which killed 36 people and caused injury and life-changing impacts to many others. The attacks and the subsequent operational improvement review – which was independently assured by Lord Anderson – highlighted the need to further develop the UK’s counter-terrorism response to ensure it continues to adapt to an evolving threat.

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Source: Police Professional