Pakistan: Blast In Parachinar

Thursday saw yet another Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack only three days after the one in Turbat, this time in Parachinar. Similar to the one in Turbat, this one also led to minimal damage, and injured seventeen, with one in critical condition.

The negligible attack—much like the previous one—quite obviously points to the decreasing ability of terrorists to carry out serious attacks on Pakistani soil; IEDs continue to be a low-risk, luck-based attack method. Not much planning has to go into it, nor many resources. But more importantly, residents of the area came out in protest of the incident, which in itself is a display of progress made.

The fact that inhabitants of areas such as Parachinar—with parts of the agencies under the ruthless control of the militants before the clean-up—come out in protest each time an attack takes place; shows how far we have come on the militancy front.

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Source: The nation