NYPD’s newest canine members specially bred to sniff out explosives in seconds

The NYPD’s newest canine members are truly bred for the job.

The four-legged constables, known as Transit Enhanced Detection Dogs (TEDD), are truly one of a kind, according to Lieutenant John Pappas of the NYPD Transit Bureau K-9 Division. While much of New York came to a screeching standstill during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, his unit went into overdrive, using the time to hone the specialized training of their four-legged officers by creating their very own breeding program.

This unique rearing procedure was developed to aid in the training of TEDD dogs who have been in service covertly for a little over half a decade but are only being officially unveiled now. These hairy bomb experts can discover the odor of an explosive device in seconds.

Image: amNewYork/Dean Moses

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Source: amNewYork