Massachusetts: Cambridge Police Introduce New K9 to Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit

K9s Dixie, Kevin, Tango and Zambra have a new colleague at the Cambridge Police Department. Meet K9 Tony!

Look for K9 Tony out in the community with Officer Bikofsky, his partner and handler. The two have secured multiple certifications together, including the “National Odor Recognition Test” certification by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the International Police Work Dog Assocation (IPWDA) certification.

K9 Tony, like his other K9 colleagues at CPD, specializes in explosive detection. Working in a nationally accredited explosive ordnance disposal unit, he and Officer Bikofsky will conduct searches and investigations into a variety of explosive materials and firearms. He joined the department following the retirement of K9 Rumba.

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Source: City Of Cambridge, MA