Lower limb protection and a digital forensics tool are the latest technologies to be offered for free licensed commercial exploitation by Dstl.

Lower limb injuries from either purpose-designed mines or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are not always fatal but invariably life-altering. This technology uses a shaped metal ‘cup’ that covers the foot from heel to mid-sole. It can be sized to fit either over the shoe or as an insert and has been shown in blast trials to preserve the lower leg from traumatic amputation. Applicable to both the military and civilian sectors, particularly in areas of the world affected by legacy munitions, there is an opportunity to develop, design and manufacture a potentially low cost item of humanitarian benefit.

Andvari is a digital forensic assessment tool that uses statistical techniques and machine learning to increase the identification of data during digital forensic investigation. A probabilistic framework “learns” which data is of interest to an investigator, saving a significant amount of time compared to a random search. The technology is applicable to all fields of digital forensics in which metadata is analysed and prioritised, such as law enforcement and defence.

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Source: GOV.UK