GICHD Explosive Ordnance Guide for Ukraine – Second Edition

The second edition of the GICHD Ukraine Ordnance Guide is intended to provide a basic explosive ordnance recognition guide for qualified EOD operators in Ukraine conducting mine action activities. It may also be used by trained survey staff. While an improvement on the first edition, with the addition of over 70 new entries, as before the guide cannot be deemed complete. It does cover a reasonable range of the explosive ordnance confirmed as seen in Ukraine.

The guide provides only basic information about explosive ordnance found in Ukraine. The guide provides no information on Render Safe Procedures.

As the current use of various models of explosive ordnance progressively becomes apparent, and as a wider range of explosive ordnance is found in Ukraine, the guide will inevitably become dated. It remains the intention to continue to update the guide in time.

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Source: GICHD

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