Forensic Architecture reconstructs the port blast that crippled Beirut

Nearly four months after the massive explosion that left over 6,500 injured, more than 200 dead, and damaged over 300,000 homes in Beirut, both citizens and international observers still don’t know what caused the blast.

With the Lebanese government tight-lipped over what sparked one of the largest non-nuclear explosions ever recorded, Egyptian media company Mada Masr reached out to Forensic Architecture for help reconstructing what exactly happened on August 4. The blast originated at a portside warehouse that had been storing 3,000 tons of seized ammonium nitrate since 2014, but the cause (officially) remains evasive.

The results of that collaboration bore fruit on November 17, when the London-based architecture and research collective released the Beirut Port Explosion report and accompanying video fly-through.

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Source: The Architect’s Newspaper