Philippines raises concern over terrorists’ use of landmines

The Philippines called for the strengthening of a normative framework under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC) to address the continued use of mines by armed non-state actors.

Signed in 1997, the APMBC, otherwise known as the Mine Ban Treaty, prohibits the use of landmines due to their destructive and indiscriminate effects on civilians and communities. Its State parties meet every year to discuss the treaty’s promotion and implementation. The Philippines ratified the treaty in 2000, two years after the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) completed the destruction of its landmines stockpile.

At the 18th Meeting of States Parties (MSP) held virtually from Geneva on Nov. 19, Philippine delegate Jonelle John S. Domingo said the country remains fully committed to the APMBC and its vision of a mine-free world by 2025, “even as we address threats from armed non-state actors that continue to indiscriminately use weapons in violation of [the treaty’s] principles.”

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Source: Philippine News Agency