For Bosnia’s Landmine Clearers, Hope is Stronger than Fear

It’s 16 minutes past midday on Christmas Eve, and Sead Vrana sends me a text on Viber, seeking to push our interview back by 30 minutes.

“I have a high-profile task where my presence is required on site, may we postpone our meeting to 15.30?” the message requests.

The task was removing explosives that had been discovered in an underground fuel tank at the Blazuj military barracks on the outskirts of Sarajevo, where some 750 migrants are currently being housed.

Within two hours, Vrana and his Explosive Ordnance Disposal team successfully clear the site of an M57 hand launcher grenade, some bombs, a 90mm white phosphorus smoke cartridge, an 82mm O-832 frag projectile, a VPROM1 drill, a 20mm bullet, and a HEAT anti-tank rifle grenade.

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Source: Balkan Insight