Enter The New IED: Improvised Explosive Drone

For the Taliban, the mere mention of “drone” has long conjured up images of flying, buzzing death, and rightly so. They lost some of their senior leaders in US drone strikes in the border regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The drones were perhaps one US weapon they dreaded the most, for these remotely-piloted ‘Predators’ carrying ‘Hellfire’ could incinerate their unsuspecting target with pinpoint accuracy.

The drone became the most potent weapon in the US hunt for al Qaeda and the Taliban, though the untenable collateral damage made it highly controversial. The Taliban might always have envied these sophisticated machines which require a massive amount of money, time and technological knowhow to develop and fly. But easy-fly, easy-buy hobby drones could help overcome this asymmetry. Though these off-the-shelf UAVs are not weaponised and have a range of hardly a few hundred yards, a little engineering could easily turn them into homemade flying bombs.

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Source:  The Express Tribune