Dstl: “Take aim, press print.”

A project at Dstl has created a new technique which could offer on-demand, 3D-printed explosives at the front line.

Energetics experts are essential for defence and security; from forensic analysis to the protection of troops from explosive devices. Since recognising this national decline in the energetics sector, the MOD has since invested nearly £10 million, to combat the issue by establishing the Future Energetics Project in 2015. Subsequently, the Future Energetics Project has significantly invested in both people, technologies and equipment to develop this UK capability.

The Future Energetics Project has adopted an innovative research path, manned by early-career scientists and engineers, to explore the next ‘big things’ in energetics technologies. Graduates, Apprentices and more experienced staff on the project are heavily involved in research, explosives trials, novel energetics manufacture, blast modelling, chemical synthesis, thermal characterisation and small-scale hazard testing. This work has a direct impact on how the UK tackles ongoing threats, whilst rapidly building up experience in people for the future.

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Source: GOV.UK