Video: How Do You Deliver a K-9 Team Onto a Ship?

What do the Super Bowl, presidential inaugurations and maritime mass transit have in common? Coast Guard K-9 units on duty to serve and protect. While the Coast Guard’s K-9 units are stationed at major ports with a primary focus on maritime mass transit, their expertise in explosives detection makes them uniquely suited to provide security for high-profile and high-attendance events.

K-9 units have been part of the Coast Guard for the past 70 years. Though originally involved in ports, waterways and coastal security missions on land and aboard ships, they have specialized in explosives detection since the events of 9/11. The Coast Guard currently has 18 billets for K-9s across the service, and they execute a wide array of missions on land and sea.

altFrom left, K-9 Bingo, K-9 Wrangler and K-9 Sonya show off updated harnesses and helmets (USCG)

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Source: The Maritime Executive