UN honours fallen colleagues and legacy of hope they leave behind

Fallen UN colleagues were honoured on Tuesday at a solemn ceremony commemorating their bravery, and having served the UN cause of saving future generations “from the scourge of war and to pursue better standards of living for all in larger freedom”, said Secretary-General António Guterres, paying tribute.

Facing perilous situations due to crisis, conflict and instability, are commonplace working in the field as a UN staffer, and this year, as the Organization marks its 75th anniversary, the COVID-19 pandemic has created “unprecedented upheaval”.

Yet, “all around the world, especially in the most fragile contexts, the blue flag of the United Nations symbolizes hope”, the UN chief underscored.

“That hope is part of the legacy of the colleagues we mourn today”, Mr. Guterres said. “They paid the ultimate sacrifice so that others could look forward to better days”.

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Source: UN