Uktaine: Zelensky orders to identify those responsible for death of three soldiers in Donbas

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky ordered to identify the perpetrators of the tragedy of three servicemen in Donbas within ten days.

According to the presidential website on Tuesday night, Zelensky ordered to check all mine and explosive barriers on the roads and communication lines in the Joint Force Operation (JFO) area. “There are still many questions. Who planted the mines? Why were not our guys who served on this territory warned about them? Were there signs to warn of mines? Some data simply cannot be established per day.

“In addition, I instruct the officials of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to conduct classes on observing security measures when handling explosive devices, observing safety rules when moving personnel, weapons and military equipment on the ground, moving to combat positions, observation posts and moving between strong points.”

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Source: Interfax-Ukraine