UK: Pilot App Launches To Help Public Report Terrorist Content Online

The iREPORTit app has been funded by City Hall and created in partnership with the national Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit. It will enable Londoners and people across the country to report terrorist content online quickly, easily and anonymously to the police using their smartphone.

The new app recognises that we all have a part to play in rooting out terrorism wherever it is found. It is free to download now on Android and Apple devices and allows users to flag any terrorist content online or on social media in three quick and easy steps. The anonymous reports will go directly to the national Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU), which has successfully sought the removal of hundreds of thousands of links to terrorist material and assisted more than 500 counter terrorism investigations nationally in the last two years.

The iREPORTit app has been created at a time when there has never been a greater risk of online radicalisation. Lockdown restrictions mean Londoners are spending more time than ever online at home, away from traditional protective role models such as teachers, friends and family, faith communities and other support networks. The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a rise in online disinformation which has been used by extremists of all persuasions to promote hate and violence and the attacks last year in Reading and Streatham, alongside multiple plots foiled by the police and security services, have also proved that terrorism is still a real threat to our communities.

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Source: Counter Terrorism Policing UK