U.S., Nigerian soldiers conduct IED Defeat training

Sweat slowly rolls down a Nigerian soldier’s forehead as he lies face down on the ground at the entrance of a stone house. He brushes through the dirt in front of him and carefully hooks a thin yellow rope to an improvised explosive device. He retreats with his team to a safer location and pulls the line to remotely disrupt the IED.

Disarming an IED buried by insurgents is one of many scenarios used during the IED Defeat training held May 5-30, 2019, at the Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering, in Makurdi, Nigeria.

“The knowledge that we have gained from the U.S. team will help us a lot,” said Nigerian Sgt. Mumani Gani, assigned to the 43rd Engineering Company. “I pray that the cooperation between the U.S. and the Nigerian army continues so that we can continue to gain this knowledge. We have a difficult challenge in the Northeast with buried IEDs. Now I know how to dispose of an IED, how to move it, the area to take it to dispose of it, hook and line techniques and ground sign awareness.”

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Source: DVIDS