These Marines disarm bombs for a living. Here’s what it’s like doing one of the US military’s most dangerous jobs.

There is no shortage of dangerous jobs in the US military, and one of the more dangerous is that of an explosive ordnance disposal technician, the troops serving in military bomb squads.

EOD technicians run toward deadly threats that others avoid, such as improvised explosive devices, and the cost of even a minor misstep could be loss of life or limb.

“There’s been times when I was standing over something that could kill me and I was there trying to picture all the choices I made in life that got me to that moment,” Marine EOD tech Master Sgt. Carlos Villarreal, who has been in the Marines for over 18 years, told Insider.

A Marine EOD tech carrying ordnance from a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device.
Image: Business Insider/U.S. Marine Corps

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Source: Business Insider