The UN Operation to Disarm Mosul’s IEDs and Unexploded Bombs

Two years this month this month, a US-led military coalition declared victory against ISIS in Mosul, liberating one of Iraq’s largest cities after three years of occupation by the radical Islamist group. While the eastern part of the city is on the road to recovery, West Mosul, where ISIS made its final stand, remains in ruins, with the bodies of civilians and Islamic State fighters still buried under the rubble. Although most refugees have returned to the city, around 300,000 are still displaced, many living in camps outside Mosul because their homes were destroyed in the fighting.

Photojournalist Cengiz Yarcovered the Battle of Mosul for several international news agencies and has returned many times since to observe its recovery. Last year he partnered with the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) to document the organization’s mine- and ordnance-clearing operations. Like the rest of Iraq, Mosul suffers from mines and unexploded bombs left behind from decades of war.

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Source: WIRED