Thailand: Three wounded in Tak Bai outpost attacks

Two soldiers and a villager were wounded in bomb and shooting attacks on a military outpost in Tak Bai district. The explosion caused the outpost and a nearby boatshed to catch fire.

Narathiwat police chief Pol Maj Gen Dusadee Chusangkit led police, explosive ordnance disposal officers and forensic officials to inspect the military outpost along Sungai Kolok river in tambon Koh Sathon on Thursday morning.

The outpost and a nearby boatshed were burned and collapsed following the attacks. Four vehicles, including three pickup trucks and one car, were also burned.

EOD officers found pieces of a home-made bomb were scattered all over the area. The 25kg bomb was put inside a cooking gas cylinder and detonated by radio signal. Pieces of the explosives also into the river.

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Source: The Bangkok Post