Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture claims he was forced to declare Boko Haram “technically defeated”

In the backdrop of the criticism aimed at the Federal Government for applying and approving the withdrawal of N2 billion from the Excess Crude Account, ECA, for the sole purpose of fighting terrorism and insurgency which they claim has been technically defeated earlier in the year, the information minister Lai Muhammed claim he was forced to declare Boko Haram “technically defeated”.

Nigerians were very shocked on Friday when the Information Minister who once declared that Boko Haram had been defeated, raised an alarm of a plot by the rag-tag insurgents to launch deadly attacks on Nigerians, in the coming weeks and months.

In a statement, Lai said that members of the Muslim Brotherhood cell based in Kogi State, who had fought along Islamic State Libya, are planning to acquire bomb-making chemicals and high-calibre weapons to perpetrate acts of terror, including attacks on banks, arms depots, and prisons.


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Source: Nigeria Today.