NATO Science presents: The robot that goes first

The UGO-1st project was launched in 2015, and you recently started working on the follow-up DEMINING ROBOTS project. What are some of the key lessons learned from UGO-1st that you are bringing forward into this new project?

An important lesson for our team was learning how to manage a multicultural project, where the added value came from the collaboration between scientists of different nations (including Italy, Ukraine and the United States). The theme of innovation in safety for mine clearance operations was the point of attraction for all team members on this project, and all of them personally contributed to achieving this goal.

Another key lesson learned was that there is a concrete advantage of using a robotic scanner in the field to increase the safety and productivity of demining by using advanced customised sensors – but installing all of these tools in a single robot can be too complex and not effective. So we understood that a team of cooperating robots might be a better solution, which will be explored in the new project.

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Source: NATO HQ