Market exploration: remote handling and manipulation

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is scoping the potential for an innovation challenge, seeking capability for remotely handling and manipulating highly sensitive liquid and solid explosives.

Moving house can be a stressful time, and there’s extra pressure when you have to pack your boxes and make sure your valuable items are packed, stored and transported safely to your new home, with no breakages. Now imagine doing all of those steps remotely, and with something which needs even more care.

The UK government has a requirement to pack, lift and transport sensitive hazardous materials from one location to another, for analysis. In this Market Exploration, we are looking for technology that can help do that remotely and your participation could be critical in supporting national security

To aid UK Government in scoping potential follow on activities, we are engaging the market in order to gain an understanding of whether this capability can be realised by:

  • adapting technologies from other market sectors
  • adapting capabilities already in development
  • using one system or a system of systems
  • developing novel innovations

This market exploration is not a commitment to subsequently launch a formal DASA competition. It is anticipated there will be a significant delay between this market exploration and any potential follow on activities to allow for a statement of requirements to be developed.

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Source: GOV.UK