Japan grants Rs. 219 million for humanitarian demining in North Sri Lanka

The Japanese Government has provided a total sum of US$ 1,266,825 (approx. Rs. 219 million) for the SKAVITA Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Project (SHARP) and the HALO Trust for humanitarian demining in Northern Sri Lanka, a communique issued by the Japanese Embassy in Sri Lanka said.

The grant contracts were signed on October 18 at the HALO Trust’s Muhumalai Control Point in Kilinochchi by Japanese Ambassador Akira Sugiyama, Programme Manager of the SHARP, Lieutenant colonel (Retd) V.S.M. Sarath Jayawardhana and Programme Manager of the HALO Trust, Belinda Vause. The two projects are expected to facilitate the efforts of the Sri Lankan Government for ‘Mine-Impact Free Sri Lanka’ by 2020, enabling the resettlement of the internally displaced people and the enhancement of their livelihoods.

Japan has been a major donor in the area of mine clearance in Sri Lanka since 2003, with more than US$ 35 million assistance in total through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP), in view of the goal of the Sri Lankan government to be mine impact free by 2020.

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Source: Daily News