Jammu and Kashmir: IED Defused In The Old City Srinagar, Explosives Recovered In Karnah

An improvised explosive device (IED) and explosives were recovered and defused by the police and security forces in different incidents.

One IED was recovered and defused in the Khanyar area of Srinagar after the police found a suspicious steel box fixed with a wire on Monday evening. Traffic was stopped in the area after the IED was found later allowed to move after it was defused.

In a related incident, Srinagar-based defence spokesman Lt Col Emron Musavi said the security forces deployed in Karnah, around 170km north of Srinagar close to the LoC, recovered 15 sticks of plastic explosives on Monday evening. “On the night of April 4, specific intelligence was received about likely explosives being exchanged near Jama Masjid of Tangdhar,” the defense spokesman said.

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Source: Outlook India