I-Team: Exclusive Look At SWAT Team Training On Hidden Explosives, Booby Traps

Massachusetts State Police says it is all too aware of the danger of homemade explosives and booby traps. The ongoing concern about hidden lethal devices prompted the FBI, Boston and State Police to offer awareness training recently for regional SWAT teams.

Trooper Michael Szawlowski with the MSP bomb squad told the I-Team that the SWAT teams always go in first to dangerous situations, and if the officers aren’t trained and don’t have experience in what to look for, it could be catastrophic. Teaching officers to look for the signs that something is potentially wrong gives them an opportunity to take a step back and call for the Bomb Squad.

Police in Hingham say they took a step back last month in a domestic incident during which a man barricaded himself in his home and allegedly began shooting at officers. At one point, officials say he threw an explosive device at them, but it didn’t go off.

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Source: CBSN Boston