‘Highly explosive’ ordnance found on Medmerry Beach, West Sussex

A warning has been given by the Selsey Coastguard after bomb experts carried out a third controlled explosion on Medmerry Beach in the space of three weeks. Selsey Coastguard said rescue teams were tasked to locate and assess reports of possible ordnance in the mud on Medmerry Beach last night (Thursday).

A spokesman added: “We managed to locate it and were able to confirm with our operations room that it was ordnance and measurements and photos were sent to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team (E.O.D). “Speaking with E.O.D. and our Operations Room a decision was made to return first thing in the morning. “The team were stood down and returned to station at 22.00.” Selsey Coastguard confirmed the team returned to the scene this morning and ‘were able confirm that the ordnance was still there’.

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Source: Chichester Observer