Here are the types of houses ICE envisions raiding next

Law-enforcement officers often practice maneuvers in environments known as “tactical villages,” which look like Hollywood sets without the cameras and lights. The FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia features a fake town called Hogan’s Alley that includes an ersatz bank, post office, hotel, and a movie theater. To train new ICE recruits, the agency’s Office of Firearms and Tactical Programs, located in Fort Benning, Georgia, says it will need mockups of residential buildings one would find in both Arizona and Chicago.

ICE says it wants the structures to “replicate geographic region[s]” chosen by the agency, per a request for information obtained by Quartz.

The portable, modular structures will consist of shipping containers that have been turned into “hyper-realistic” dwellings. They will include, according to the ICE solicitation, “atmospherics/set props found in typical residential buildings including faux drug or IED labs. Furniture, appliances, fixtures, clothing, toys, etc. Faux passports, currency and other type[s] of travel documents as well.”

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Source: Quartz