Guard members to see expanded use of robots

The use of robots continues to grow within the National Guard and Guard members are likely to soon see additional robots with expanded capabilities, said an Army National Guard acquisitions official.

“It’s going to be a big difference in the future and I think it could impact the Guard in different areas,” said Army Col. Nicole Clark, the Army Guard’s chief of acquisition management. “From what we’re seeing, there is just more and more development of this at a faster pace.”

Robots are currently used for a number of mission sets including engineering, explosive ordnance disposal, reconnaissance and detection of chemical and biological agents. Future robots will expand on the capabilities of the current Talon series of robots, as well as take on additional, more generalized functions within a unit, said Bryan McVeigh, the project manager in the Force Projection section for the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office for Combat Support and Combat Service Support.

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Source: U.S. Army