First Afghanistan province declared mine-free – thanks to an all-female team who cleared them

Last year, landmines still killed or injured an average of four Afghans every day.

During the past four decades of war, the Mine Action Programme of Afghanistan has cleared more than 18 million explosive remnants of war, about 737,000 anti-personnel mines and over 30,000 anti-vehicle mines since 1989.

But by the end of October, the country’s first province will be declared mine-free – and the job has been done by a small but determined group of women.

“It’s been difficult,” says Fezah Rezayee, 26, a tall woman with light brown hair tucked under a red headscarf. “Not because of the work, but because of people’s attitudes towards women working outside, hiking across the province, or having male colleagues. But we kept pushing back and pointing to the importance of our work.”

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Source: The Telegraph