Fireworks explosion that injured 17 caused by ‘human error’ from bomb squad, police say

The explosion of a Los Angeles Police Department bomb-disposal truck that injured 17 people last month was caused by “human error” after officials underestimated the weight of the fireworks that detonated, authorities said Monday.

The June 30 blast came when the bomb squad was called to remove about 40 “Coca-Cola can-sized” improvised explosive devices that had been among the 32,000 pounds of fireworks stored illegally by a resident, authorities said. Since some of the fireworks were found to have “leaking material,” officials on the scene decided to detonate the dangerous explosives there. LAPD Chief Michel R. Moore said in a news conference that bomb technicians believed they had stored 16.5 pounds of explosives in the Total Containment Vessel, the bomb squad’s disposal truck, but an ATF National Response Team later found that the technicians had placed more than 42 pounds into the vehicle.

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Source: The Washington Post