Fighting Boko Haram: newly trained squads receive equipments

The squad of 30 non commissioned officers is composed of six units that are highly skilled in the art.
They have just returned from the United State’s of America’s military base in Jordan where they were trained for close to four months (3months, 2 weeks).

One member of the squad, Sergent Kiylaka Elvis said they were trained to identify explosive devices and destroy them in a manner that guarantees the safety of the surrounding population, the environment and the life of the bomb technician.

The equipment weighing 22 tons were officially handed over to the Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Bokam during a ceremony at the 101 Military Air Base in Yaounde.

The Ambassador of the United States of America to Cameroon, H. E. Michael Stephen Hoza said the USA is committed to assisting Cameroon in fighting violent extremism adding that the phenomenon has become global. He said US – Cameroon military cooperation has increased in the last three years as both countries are involved in the fight of a common enemy which is terrorism.

During the handing over ceremony, the lone female trainee within the squad simulated the detection of a bomb contained in a suspicious bag in an evacuated airport. She was dressed in a self protective bomb suit that weighs 40 kilograms, as she
carefully scans the content of the luggage without touching it.

A back up team provides cover from a distance while the scanning is done using x-ray, infrared and GPS devices.
The scan is later taken to the control unit for analysis with the aid of specialised software. After two minutes the results of the scan are released. The lauggage is later transported in a specialised box to a safe place for destruction.

The Secretary of State to the Minister of Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Bokam saluted the donations which come to galvanise and improve the efficiency of the soldiers involved in the war against Boko Haram.

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Source: CRTV