Explosive find at the Kremlin: WWII bomb discovered during construction work

An aircraft bomb that remained buried underground for almost 80 years was found by construction workers at the Kremlin, the official residence of the Russian president.

The discovery was made during soil reinforcement at the Taynitsky Garden, a park area located within the walls of the medieval fortress near the banks of the Moskva River.

Located in the heart of Moscow, the Kremlin was the target of Nazi air raids in 1941-42, Sergey Khlebnikov, the Kremlin’s superintendent, said, adding that the unexploded bomb most likely remained “hidden under a large layer of soil.” The explosive device was defused by sappers and removed from the area.

Ironically, the bomb was found on August 15 when Russia marks Archeologists’ Day. Many journalists were invited to the Kremlin for the occasion, all of whom had to be evacuated.

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Source: RT