Drones are redefining the modern battlefield – we must act swiftly to counter the UAS threat

Recent events in Afghanistan remind us that today’s global security landscape presents a vast matrix of complex challenges for the Department of Defense (DoD). One of the most concerning tactical developments is the rapid evolution in the use of militarized Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) — or drones — by near-peer adversaries and non-state actors. Armed, low-cost drones are now a feature of 21st century warfare and we must accept the reality that this threat is here to stay.

Imagine a scenario in which an organization like ISIS-K deployed a large-scale autonomous drone swarm in the region — or worse, launched an explosive-laden drone here in the homeland. The outcome of either scenario would be disastrous. The absolute necessity of fielding an enduring and effective Counter-UAS (C-UAS) solution could not be more urgent. We cannot wait for a tragedy to be the catalyst for change when proven technologies exist today that can effectively counter both individual and swarming drones.

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Source: The Hill