Deafening blasts at Russian TNT plant leave 200 buildings damaged

A series of blasts rocked an explosives factory in the central Russian city of Dzerzhinsk, damaging almost 200 buildings. At least 79 people have been injured, 16 hospitalized.

“A big explosion roared, my ears popped and then sirens went off. In a minute, there was another blast, windows shattered, and a column of smoke rose, and there was fire,” a witness to the devastating Saturday morning accident told RT Russian.

A first explosion triggered two other blasts at the same facility and then fire. Five buildings were destroyed at the plant and 200 others were damaged throughout the city. People saw their windows shattered and ceiling coverings collapse.

“I was at home. [We heard] a massive explosion, blast, we were scared: the house and its roof were shaking,” a witness from Dzerzhinsk, who was at his apartment during the incident, told REN TV.  The residents initially thought it was a natural gas explosion in their own house.

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Source: RT