Colombia: Ambulances For Mine-detection Dogs

The Colombian army has equipped six new ambulances to care for mine and explosive detection dogs in different parts of the country, especially where illegal groups have illicit crops. Colonel Jose Antonio Pérez, Chief of the National Center against Explosive and Mine Artifacts said that the new veterinary ambulances will “support our canine partners who develop military operations in different units of the national territory on landmine clearance.”

Currently, he said the National Army has 1,690 specialized dogs distributed around the country working on various operations.Thirteen canines have been victims of land mines this year, three of them have died.According to the Colombian government, more than 26-thousand antipersonnel mines have been neutralized in the last ten years; however, 7,000 military personnel and 2,000 civilians have been victims of these improvised explosive devices, which are prohibited under international humanitarian law.The new veterinary ambulances will also support military or civilians if necessary.

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