Bombing kills Iraqi soldiers near disputed town, as anti-terror operations continue

The Iraqi army on Monday announced that an improvised explosive device (IED) had killed two of its soldiers, as they were conducting anti-terror operations near the disputed town of Makhmour, some 100 kilometers southeast of Mosul.

Iraq’s Security Media Cell, the country’s official military communications center, said in a statement that the IED blew up under an Iraqi army vehicle “while searching the Mount Kraw area within the Makhmour sector.” In addition to the two soldiers who were killed, two others were wounded in the incident.

Located in the southwest of Erbil province, Makhmour lies within the areas that are contested between the federal government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG.) The district includes rugged, barren terrain that has long been a haven for terrorist groups, including the so-called Islamic State, which uses such areas as a base for planning and launching attacks against surrounding settlements and towns.

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Source: Kurdistan 24

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