Afghanistan: 3rd Electricity Pylon Destroyed in Kabul in 2 Weeks

A week after two power pylons were destroyed in Kabul’s Mirbacha Kot district, on Wednesday night unidentified men blew up another power plant in Kalakan district.

On Thursday morning, as an engineer of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) was trying to repair a destroyed power pylon in the Kalakan district, a landmine in the area detonated, injured the DABS worker.

With the destruction of the power pylon on Wednesday, 260 megawatts of electricity to Kabul and other provinces, piped in from Uzbekistan, was cut off.

Local officials in Parwan say unidentified individuals planted 14 mines at four high-tonn imported power stations in the Bagh-e-Shahr-e Charikar forest area.

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Source: TOLO News