United States provides additional US$ 3 million for humanitarian demining in Zimbabwe

The United States government is pleased to announce an additional USD $3 million for humanitarian demining projects in Zimbabwe. Since 1998, the United States has invested more than $23.9 million in Zimbabwe to protect people from landmines and promote economic opportunities through safe access to land. The United States supports the Government of Zimbabwe’s goal to safely clear all minefields in the country by 2025.

As Ambassador Nichols stated, “Longstanding U.S. support for humanitarian demining in Zimbabwe has destroyed more than 38,000 landmines, returned 8.1 square kilometers of land to productive use, and educated over 10,100 people about the dangers of landmines. The United States has provided over $3.5 billion in health and humanitarian assistance to the people of Zimbabwe since 1980. We are proud to continue saving lives and facilitating sustainable development through humanitarian demining.”

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Source: U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe