Ukraine: ‘Exploiting Cadavers ’and ‘Faked IEDs’: Experts Debunk Staged Pre-War ‘Provocation’ in the Donbas

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ongoing, it’s easy to forget the flurry of dubious provocations and staged events that appear to have been designed to implicate the Ukrainian armed forces and drum up military aggression in the days before the first shots were fired.

These included videos showing alleged border incursions by the Ukrainian military and footage of purported saboteurs attempting to blow up a chlorine facility at a sewage treatment plant – both of which showed nothing of the sort.

But one suspicious video, which showed a gruesome scene of charred bodies and human skulls that seemed to have been sliced open, appeared so serious and egregious that Bellingcat decided to investigate further, speaking to an explosive weapons expert and a forensic pathologist in the process.

What they told us was that an apparent IED (improvised explosive device) attack used by separatist and Russian media as evidence of Ukraine’s aggression included the staged use of cadavers and likely faked IED damage.

Image: Social Media

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Source: Bellingcat