U.S. troops will likely be in Iraq for years to come, Central Command boss says

About six months after the U.S. ended its longest war, the outgoing head of U.S. Central Command hinted that U.S. involvement in Iraq is probably going to go on even longer.

As the 19th anniversary of Operation Iraq Freedom approaches, there are roughly 2,500 troops still in Iraq, playing a strict advise-and-assist role at the invitation of the Iraqi government.“

As we look into the future, any force level adjustment in Iraq is going to be made as a result of consultations with the government of Iraq,” Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie told Military Times on Friday. “And we just finished a strategic dialogue a few months ago ― we believe that will continue.”

That could look like continued training of local forces, advising military leadership and providing weapons to Iraq to help its security forces remain effective.

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Source: Military Times