TSA, SEA Airport officials salute role working canines play in transportation security operations

SEATTLE – To coincide with National Work Like a Dog Day, officials with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) on Thursday highlighted the role working canines play in transportation security operations.

The TSA and Port of Seattle Police Department both utilize explosive detection canines to supplement their security operations at SEA Airport. These working dogs are paired with handlers and can be seen working throughout the aviation environment as a visible layer of security to supplement efforts to keep travelers safe and secure.

National Work Like a Dog Day is held annually on August 5 to celebrate the drive and excellent work ethic of canines as they serve alongside their human partners in a variety of roles. In addition to being a security asset, they can be trained to take on tasks ranging from law enforcement support, search and rescue; therapy and service roles; as well as companionship as a person’s best friend.

Image: TSA

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Source: U.S. Transportation Security Administration