The Hurt Locker: Major Vasant Laxman Jadhav is yet to be recognised for his bravery

Ex-Major Vasant Laxman Jadhav defused a 12-kilo RDX device hidden in a scooter at the Dadar rly station on March 14, 1993 but is yet to be recognised for his bravery.

Major Vasant Laxman Jadhav (retired), who saved hundreds of lives by defusing a powerful 12-kg RDX-linked bomb in Dadar during the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts and helped defuse several bombs at airport and other places in the city, remain deprived of the recognition and appreciation even after 28 years of the terror attacks.

Jadhav has been waiting for the moment his deeds would be recognised and appreciated by the government. However, age is not on the side of the 75-year-old veteran now, and hope is also fading.

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Source: Mumbai Mirror