Tayside veteran clears 1,000 explosive devices in war-torn Iraq with Scottish charity

Montrose-born Frank Philip, 61 has spent the year dodging danger in the country, which has been ravaged by war since the US and UK-led invasion in 2003 to remove leader Saddam Hussein.

Former soldier Philip – who now lives in Kinloch Rannoch in Highland Perthshire – returned to Iraq to lead the fight against deadly landmines as Dunfermline-based HALO Trust’s programme manager in Baghdad.

Removing the hidden threat

He said: “Covid restrictions have meant our operations have been a bit stop-start. We suspended all our operations when the Iraqi government understandably put the country into lockdown..

“We kept people in place during the height of the pandemic so that when we did get the green light to go back to work in mid-June, we could do so with the minimum of delay.

“And despite the stop-start nature of this year, we’ve removed the threat of over 1,000 explosive weapons.

“Destroying our 1,000th IED since we started our operations in August 2018 was an encouraging landmark.”

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Source: TheCourier.co.uk